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Passion, fun, friends - and the year that changed it all.

We’re two friends whose lives you’ve changed forever. Childhood friends - one a trainee lawyer the other a restauranteur - you’ve not made it easy to find fun and new experiences. But you have pushed us to follow our passion and share something special with Nottingham. One with a passion for international tastes, the other who knows how to serve up top notch service; you’ve pushed us together to create something everyone needs right now - something to look forward to. When we started baking lesser known international treats and exploring crazy new taste combinations we realised that our own brand of comforting, boundary pushing and incredibly indulgent bakery boxes would hit the spot (ask our families and friends, they’re our biggest critics and fans). Just because our taste buds are grounded right now doesn’t mean that our sense of exploration has to be.

It started with cookies but quickly our culinary designs and recipes became more and more elaborate and ambitious. From Basque burnt cheesecakes to our ‘Brookie Slabs’, we’ve been hard at work in the kitchen. Rest assured, this is not your average treat. 2020 - it’s clear You don’t want to party but We still do. And, while we’re apart we know that good food and the joy it brings always brings us closer. Couples come together, families unite - gift a box, devour a box but most of all - join the block party! So, 2020 - thanks for nothing but also, thanks for everything. Your block party organisers, Faraz and Nihal. (P.S. We’re bringing the party back to the streets in 2021! Follow our Insta for news on events…)

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